Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Captain and the Courtesan by Juliet Chastain

The Captain and the CourtesanThis was the perfect romance. I was real impressed. And it's short so it made it all the sweeter... I think it takes more talent to make a couple's love fly off the page and immerse a reader in 10k or less than a 600 page saga. Ill be seeking more historical fiction from this author.

Madame M is a mysterious courtesan... she strips slowly for an audience every night, but word is she's a lady and her first night as a courtesan will go the highest bidder. "Every nobleman in London fears that she might be of his household. They keep their wives and daughters safely at home under lock and key for fear that one of them in the masked lady..."

Truth is: she's widowed and the lawyers and whatnot took all she owned. She destitute and has no choice in order to feed her son.

Edward doesn't believe in the buying of sexual favors, but something about this woman... You get the picture. He scrapes up enough money to buy her first night, but what after that? After he's lost his heart to her... As the Madame of the house says, she buys low to sell high... She won't sell her newest moneymaker.

It has a perfect ending...almost too perfect, but I loved it. I was drawn into the story, it had just enough of a historical feel. Both characters were likable. For me, this was a winner. The prose, the descriptions, the sex and the mirror... wow.

Five bikes and I bought this off the BP website.

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