Saturday, March 31, 2012

Nocturne by Elaine Corvidae

NocturneA decent read that was free on kindle. It's like Zorro in Regency England? Not sure of the time. I just got that impression. 
Anne has been discarded from the King of England's bed. Her parents send her to marry a man of a large estate, thinking he is wealthy. Truth is, he's broke and his lands are the hunting ground for Nocturne, a man dressed in black with a bullet proof cloak and a demon horse. He robs everyone of wealth passing through, including Anne.

Anne settles into a loveless marriage and meets Nocturne at night to learn self-defense as she frightened after her attack.

Who is Nocturne? I knew all along. The story was a tad too predictable. I enjoyed it, however, as I am fan of bandits and  Zorro type stuff. The only reason this lost another star was the romance...I didn't feel it, not between her and Nocturne, not between her and her husband. For them to suddenly confess their love for another. It seemed to have come out of the blue.

An enjoyable weekend read though. I'd recommend it for treadmill workout, a plane flight... It's not filled with mundane or boring stuff.

Favorite quote:
"I cannot chose (?) the color of my hair, or my height, which is that of my father. But I can chose (?) my actions."

It needs another round of edits, but I still liked that saying. Three bikes.

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