Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Kingdom by Amanda Stevens

The Kingdom (Graveyard Queen #2)Wow. Just wow. This is book two in the Graveyard Queen series, and normally, sequels disappoint me. They are rarely as good as the first. Not so, this one.. This was even better.

This one delved more into the dark side...as Amelia travels to a town called Asher Falls to restore a graveyard. The whole town is weird. Something sinister is going on. There's a new love interest...maybe. And Amelia's mysterious past comes into it. She has ties to this awful town full of ghosts... And it is IS full of ghosts.

I'm going to do something different here and just mention all the stuff that had me scared out of my wits.

An underwater graveyard...in which the dead had been buried with bells in the coffins. You can hear their bells tolling as they rise with the mist on the lake. 

There's a moment in a tomb where Amelia and Thane are alone and suddenly a gust of wind slams the door, and they are in complete darkness with a decaying corpse. That's bad, right? Well, how about when he's speaking to her from another part of the room entirely...whose hand is on her? Who is breathing on her? 

And there's something in the woods...something evil, something monstrous, that is accompanied with a high wind and darkness and you can hear it and you know it's coming...and fast.. and OMG. Need I say more?

Do not read this book right before bed! 

The ending tied up wonderfully, but left enough loose ends to really leave me frothing for the third one. Really, just blown away with this book. It's the kind of book one must take their time with and savor.

Five bikes. I got this from netgalley.

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