Friday, March 9, 2012

She Wore Only White by Dorthe Binkert

She Wore Only WhiteA very unusual book...think Love Boat in 1904 and take away the humor. 

You have a group of people thrown together on a ship. Love blooms, promises are broken, secrets are revealed. And the most fascinating thing of all and what makes this book quite incredible is that was inspired by a newspaper article of a woman stowaway in a white evening gown. This is how this story was born. "Every one deserves a story."

Valentina is fleeing a very unhappy life. Imagine being drive away from your home, you husband, you money, all that is familiar to board a ship one night, no luggage, no money, no ties.

On this ship, many stories besides hers  unfold. a disturbed man whore of sorts. I didn't like him. I found him disturbing. From desire his father's mistress to his memories of Lisette to his replacing Lisette with Billie and him just basically thinking about every woman on the boat. He was weird. 

Billie a 1904 type tramp/mistress. William the cheater who wants to have it all. There's a disturbing brother/sister relationship and numerous other couples just give brief but insightful insight into what relations were between men and women back then.

Though told through alternating POVs, interviews, and flashbacks, the story didn't lose a beat. I was quite entertained by the interviews and sadly disappointed when they disappeared toward the end of the novel.

Well done, but I didn't like Henri, thought there was WAY too little of the most fascinating character on board: Lily, and didn't once buy into the immediate LOVE between Valentina and Thomas.

Four bikes. I got this from Amazon Vine.

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