Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dancers, Danger and Daiquiris by Bren Austin

Dancers, Danger, and DaiquirisWhat happens in Vegas...sometimes goes to Minnesota too.

When Tawni, a dancer at the most elite Vegan hotel and casino finds out her boyfriend is involved in drug dealing, she unknowingly hauls a secret code, a special key, a drug stash, a bunch of ill begotten jewels, and a line of thugs with guns all the way to her sister's in Minnesota.

Enter Tracy, Cari, and all the chicks from Men, Murder and Margaritas. This time, the sexy man is the town sheriff, Chuck... and when he pulls Tawni over for speeding, one thing leads to another and he ends up protecting her body. *snickers*

The story goes to Vegas too where there's cocaine in elephants, gambling, drug dealers, breaking and entering.. Just another fun romp with these ladies. I really like these books.

My one quibble: It needs another round of editing. You and you're were wrong in places, women and woman.. there were a few areas.

LOL Moments:

"Mavel Wilson (a 90 some year old woman) heard about the incident this afternon and wants to know why she never gets frisked. She says she's driven without insurance and a driver's license many times and has never once been felt-up. Her words, not mine. She's demanding equal treatment or she's screaming age discrimination."

"You should have knockers my size.  And then have them smash them about the size of a pancake.  Talk about painful! I swear the person that invented the mammogram machine was a man! I'd like to stick his penis in a machine and then smash it flat. I bet mammograms would become extinct!"

Priceless. I can't wait to read the next book. I understand the gals are going on a cruise.

Four bikes and this was a pleasant surprise in my mailbox from the author. Thank you, Bren Austin

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