Friday, July 13, 2012

Blessed Homecoming by Lorraine Nelson

Blessed Homecoming by Lorraine NelsonI'm not big on Christian Fiction. My blog followers will know that. However, when this manuscript hit my inbox, I saw a real good story. Even if you don't go for God this or God that, there's strong theme of forgiveness and letting go of your demons... because if you can't let go of the past, how can you move on into the future?
Wendy is pregnant and alone. Her husband is in jail after beating her. She heads home to her parents to recuperate and give birth. She never wants to love again. That leads to a world of hurt.

Jake is the handyman just going house to house to escape his own past. He doesn't want to be around a pregnant woman remind him of all he's lost...but there's something about Wendy, and there's something about the Danforth family. Slowly his faith in people is restored.

Love blooms. But we all know that past comes back to haunt us and it does for these two. Wendy must escape her ex husband again, and Jake needs to forgive someone himself.

A sweet, clean read that explores love, learning to trust again, forgiveness, and the close bonds of family.

Available from Breathless Press


  1. Such a sweet review! Thank you, Tara! You're a fantastic editor and a good friend. <3

  2. I haven't read many inspirational romance books either, but based on your review, I'll pick this copy up! Thanks!

  3. This sounds great! I love the plot. The characters sound great! I love the way there gonna help heal each other. So sweet! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. And the winner of the free download (better late than never) is bn100 for leaving a comment at Leigh Savage's blogspot. Congratulations, BN!