Friday, July 6, 2012

The Great Escape by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

The Great Escape (Wynette, Texas, #7)This book was just so fun... I didn't expect much from it either. I've never read this author before and I did not realize until it landed on my doorstep that it was part of a series, so I was afraid that I would be lost...

Not only does the book standalone just fine, but I loved it so much and laughed so hard, I immediately made sure a previous one is on its way to my door.

Lucy is the heroine and she was adopted by the she has always felt out of place and naturally, every time she turns around. she's told how lucky she is and this has led to feelings of "owing" her adopted parents...that means no misbehaving...

But we all have to misbehave sometimes. In her early thirties, Lucy finally does, beginning with running away from her groom at the altar and jumping on some stranger's motorcycle and going on vacation with him. That's where Panda comes in, with his own personal demons in tow, under those offensive Tshirts he wears. LOL

I just roared with laughter and chuckled so hard in so many different spots. Lucy and her dreads and skank clothes...we've all been there. I think women everywhere will be able to relate to her, her conflicts, her "what I am?" feelings. And Panda, despite his gruffness, is just sexy as hell.

The sex scenes were more playful than sizzling, but in a time when every darn book is nothing but sex, it seems, I appreciated this.

There's a side story too. Bree and Mike and Toby, adoption, forgiveness, moving on. Temple and Max are another story, along with body image, expecting too much of oneself, coming out of closets.

To sum it up: It's a very funny, engaging read with serious notes and lessons between the pages. Five bikes.

I received this from the publisher.

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  1. All the contemporary romance readers I know love SEP's books. I have only read one and really didn't like it that much! I intend to read her again one day, but not sure when.