Friday, July 27, 2012

The Fire of Thieves by Chacelyn Pierce

The Fire of ThievesThis is an action-packed story featuring a strong-willed heroine who knows how to handle a gun, a knife, climb walls, and thieve with the best of them. Caityln and  Jerrick have been partners for a long time, both professional thieves. She wants out of the life, but Jerrick is keeping her there; his demands and her lust for his body...and well, she loves him.
So they go on one last thieving expedition, requiring Caityln to leave behind her good, stable boyfriend. But she gives into temptation... what's going to come of that?

And will this really be their last job? Can she convince Jerrick to quit the life?

It's exciting and has hot sex. I especially liked Caitlyn, her attitude, skills, and I love that we had a woman sort of behaving badly instead of a man. Nice role reversal.

From a mansion with guards to a vault in Mexico, Caitlyn is torn between her history with Jerrick and her future with Ethan. It leaves you wondering who she is going to choose for her HEA.

Five bikes. I bought this on Amazon kindle.

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