Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hot Wheels by Stephanie Campbell

Hot WheelsI love stories featuring disabled heroines. This story not only is about a girl in a wheelchair, but also touches on the issue of school bullying.

Though a YA book, I think adults would enjoy it as well.

Lindy is in high school and when one day, she opens her favorite poetry book to find a note from a secret admirer to Hot Wheels, she's floored and suspicious. And why shouldn't she be? Nobody in school is very nice to her. Surely, it's a joke when the popular guy, Mark, not only fesses up to being her admirer but asks her to the school dance...

And there's a lesson here...for all involved. Lindy hears some stuff and is mighty quick to make assumptions. Remember when you assume...I don't need to finish that quote, do I?

But the greatest part of all is the moment Lindy realizes something: "It was her insecurities that were the problem."

The kids are dicks, but Lindy can have the last laugh if she realizes that in time. Don't let the losers win.

Well told. It felt juvenile, but it is a YA book so the simplicity of the narrative makes perfect sense. I think they should make this required reading in school, especially middle school.

I bought this on Amazon.

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  1. Excellent review. Insecurities can hamper a person's will, big time.