Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Bandit's Broken Heart (Blood Blade Sisters #2) by Michelle McLean

What's a widowed woman to do when she leaves behind her banditing ways on a ranch and travels to Boston to be a society lady, her daughter and younger sister in tow?

How will she fight the boredom?

Why, help in a clinic...and do some banditing, of course!

A delightful read. McLean really knows how to present readers with strong heroines and solid story lines and doesn't need to fill the book with tons of sex scenes to make the word count or keep our interest. Her books are about the story and the love.

Brynne is just as spunky as her sister was in book one.

"Dr. Oliver, I am not some sort of animal that has been "bred" to anything."

At first, she's turned away from the clinic where the handsome doctor works, but she proves her mettle and worth and knocks his socks off. They fall in love. But when she resorts to her previous activities again--to help the doctor, actually--her past comes up. Can the doctor handle it?

I loved Brynne. I loved how she proved herself at every turn, how she actually saved HIM, instead of him saving her (fantastic!), how she doesn't judge others (like the tattooed butler) the way the rest of society does.

I liked the hero as well. No alpha male here who feels he has to establish his masculinity every five seconds. He's a man comfortable with who he is. He isn't without his flaws...but regardless, I liked this guy.

Lucy doesn't have a lot, but we'll see more of her in book three. Yet she has her parts and I love the hints of the woman she's becoming.

"Lying bastard! Steven Bartlett, that's who. I tell you, if we were back home, I'd have him hog-tied and strung up in the barn while I introduced him to the gelding shears."

Things get real intense in the last ten percent...not so much in the rest of the book. That's my only quibble. The thieving does start until a ways into the book and there isn't that much of it. This one lacks the constant excitement of book one. I still thoroughly enjoyed it though. I did get a bit tired of hearing how snotty, catty, judgmental, and standoffish the rest of Boston society was. Felt like I that was pointed out to me one too many times...but I recommend this and I'll be reading book three. Lucy's is going to be something. I can tell from the way this one ended.

This was sent to me by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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