Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What Were They Looking For?

These are perhaps not as funny as last month's, but here we go. Now, this one made me chuckle...

There are so many of those in real life, I dunno why anyone would look them up online...

Hum. Man in love woman naked. More sexual perversion. Does she have to be naked for him to love her? *snort*

And I think...someone was looking to pirate. the spy wore red chapter by chapter...

Sorry, we don't do that here. No pirating! Go buy the book! Actually that one is an oldie but goodie. You can get it at the library.

Frankly, I'm a tad pleased to see someone out there is seeking a "normal" woman, as opposed to the two looking for big tit pictures. *smh*

This one is self-explanatory. I don't think I need to add commentary.

I like this one. :D

This one below is a tad offensive...but I laughed for ten minutes. I have no idea who Amanda Romero is, but...she apparently has a fan base. Oye. And the pig...who knows.

And here...hum. Do you think someone was looking for some writing advice? How to write a sex scene?

The word TWAD...I had to look that up. Hey, this feature comes in handy. I was forced to learn a new word!!! I found it in the urban dictionary. It says: 

A person (usually male) who is:
Usually wears spectacles

*looks in mirror to check chin.* It's there.

Anyone who carry on a reasonable conversation or who rambles on and on with meaningless twaddle (twittle-twattle).

"Did you hear those two twads over there talking about the View." Or, "Sasha's boyfriend has such dreamy blue eyes, but as soon as he opens his mouth they fade to gray -- he's such a twad!"

I hope this doesn't make me a TWAD, considering they found my blog using that word...but I guess I do sorta ramble...and talk a lot...and type more and more...and....

What crazy terms are popping up on your dashboards?


  1. Haha some of these are great. Your post always prompts me to check mine. The only funny one on there is 'karl pilkington butt naked'!


    1. LOL, Dee. I wonder who that is?

    2. He does a tv show over here called 'An Idiot Abroad' where he visits different places etc. Its quite good actually and the books were rather funny too. He comes out with some dumb stuff! I done a post aaaaaages ago about the book, but can't remember blogging about him being butt naked lol!