Friday, July 26, 2013

Primetime Princess by Lindy DeKoven

Primetime PrincessI absolutely love this book. It's an incredible mixture of real life, drama, sexual harassment in the work place, the plight of women today, romance, and a woman torn between career and love.

Having recently watched a documentary that talked about how despite the fact the population of the U.S. is OVER 50% women, the percentage of women in politics is less than 17 and the number of women having a say in what goes on television is even smaller, I wasn't one bit surprised by the content in this novel. I mean, in a country over half women, who is representing them?

I thought the aviation industry was bad...In male-dominated professions, women are harassed and bombarded with inappropriate jokes and comments all day long. The television industry is even worse.

Alexis has been working her tail off and turning the other cheek at HBS industries for years. Suddenly, she's a victim of the Good Old Boys' System. She has to compete with the most appalling man and her former employer for a president's position...or risk working for him again--and little flashbacks show us just how bad it is to work for Jerry.

But then her job takes over her seems it's okay for men to let this happen, but not women.

The story is heart breaking, insightful, humorous, frustrating...I went through every emotion imaginable in its 336 pages. I laughed, screamed, cussed, and cried.

Through her coworkers, we see the other forms of sexual harassment that go on. Men looking for affairs. Men ridiculing women. Men peeing and not closing the door. Behind the scenes drama regarding what's appropriate on TV. We see men who think they know what women want and don't have the first darn clue.

The romance was a really small part, but that story helped show us what happens when a job and/or a thirst for revenge consumes one to the point, they become incredibly selfish and self-absorbed...and lose it all.

I found this book really impacting and I'll never look at TV the same way again. Bit thumbs up to the author for handling this subject in an entertaining, yet thought-evoking manner.

The ending: LOVE it. It left me slightly hanging in a way I hope there's a sequel, but I LOVE it.

"Managers hire mirror images of themselves. It's why men keep hiring men. It's why there are more of them and fewer of us at the top. We don't get those opportunities. Men hire women to work for them. But not necessarily with them."

This was a Vine book.

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