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Tasty Review & Giveaway: Armored Hearts By: Melissa Turner Lee & Pauline Creeden

When a crippled young lord rescues a girl falling from a tree, it reveals a secret about himself and his mother's side of the family that could put him at the center of a war with beings he thought only existed in fariytales.

Tristan Gareth Smyth lived his entire life stuck at home at Waverly Park and left behind while his Grandfather makes trips to London, all because of his blasted wheelchair.
Then an American heiress falls in his lap, literally, and he must find a way to keep her at a distance to protect not only his secret, but everyone around him from an assassin sent to kill him.

***My Review***
Armored Hearts (Armored Hearts, #1)I like the basic premise: crippled man becomes superhero "The Flying Knight" in a historical period. The hero is very bitter on the outside, but on the inside he deeply cares for people. He grows on you. Even when he insults the heroine, he had me chuckling. The sort of a villain in a way. I mean, she bribes this guy to marry her. Pretty nervy. She irritated me at first, but then she started making me smile too, namely when she says, "Consider this bed my web and you my fly. Prepare to be devoured."

She's a force to be reckoned with even though she comes across as more of a secondary character and the hero's aunt Tabitha feels like the main heroine, really, at least in the first 55%.

I also loved the "bonnet" club. The women getting together and making inventions..just too cool.

What I didn't like:
I didn't buy into the "I'm crippled and confined to a wheelchair, but I can hop around and stand just fine. I just can't walk" thing. I'll be the first to admit I'm not familiar with wheelchair illnesses, so I could be wrong. But I though at first--in light of him being able to stand straight--that he had a problem with his knees and couldn't bend them or something, but then he engages in sword fights and rolls on the floor and all this and also, his knees bend when he's what gives? I came to the conclusion he had a selective handicap, which sorta bothered me.

I also didn't buy the "for the last seven years I've been flying up the stairs and leaving my chair down there and nobody has noticed" thing. 

It's a decent story though. I do feel it could have been fleshed out more. I mean, dude, you're flying! Tell us more! What's it feel like? Etc. 

Three bikes and I'm leaving this with a cool passage from the story.

"We are women with minds for automation. God did not intend us (to?) rot in a corner with them (men). When God created man, He saw that the man needed a helper and created a woman. Now, the God I serve is a smart God with grand ideas. How smart would it be to offer an idiot as a helper? To say, 'Here you go. She's not really good for much. She's kind of entertaining when naked but other than that, put her in a safe place so she doesn't hurt herself'?"

That gave me a chuckle.

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Author Info (Melissa Turner Lee)
Melissa Turner Lee holds a BA in Communications with a concentration in Journalism from the University of South Carolina. She has studied fiction writing since 2008, attending various writing conferences and workshops, along with guidance from professional writing coaches. She resides in Spartanburg, SC with her husband and 3 sons.
Twitter: @MelissaTLee1975

Author Info (Pauline Creeden)
Pauline Creeden is a horse trainer from Virginia, but writing is her therapy. In her fiction, she creates worlds that are both familiar and strange, often pulling the veil between dimensions. She becomes the main character in each of her stories, and because she has ADD, she will get bored if she pretends to be one person for too long.
Twitter: @P_Creeden

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