Thursday, July 25, 2013

Strong is Sexy Heroine of the Week: Estelle Stonebridge

Book: Paradise Island
Author: Charmaine Ross
Heroine: Captain Estelle Stonebridge

Estelle thinks she’s been wronged. (And she has.) But she’s blamed the wrong person. My hero, Captain Gregory Marshall is a Captain of the Royal Navy and he needs a strong woman to stand up to him. He’s used to a world of the ocean and hard men, and has worked hard to get where he has. He simply wouldn’t fall in love with a quiet woman.

That’s where Estelle comes in. She had her father, her home and her life ripped away from her when she was fourteen years old. She’s learnt to defend herself. She’s trained a special ‘gift’ which she uses on men who are out to harm her. She has a home named Paradise Island, a refuge where she takes the poor souls she has rescued from the hands of brutal men on the high seas.

In the process she’s made an enemy – Captain Jack Cutlass. She has to be strong to fight him, save Captain Gregory Marshall and unwrap the heart she has carefully cocooned from the world.

Paradise Island

It is Dartmouth Cove, Nova Scotia, 1853 and Captain Estelle Stonebridge is consumed with revenge against the man that killed her father. Captain Gregory Marshall is lulled to sleep by the fiery-haired valkrie’s magical song when she kidnaps him. Upon waking he finds himself in chains staring at the beautiful Estelle. Estelle is taking him to her Island of Paradise to face trial for a murder he didn't commit.

Attacked by the notorious pirate, Jack Cutlass, and magically appearing in a land they know nothing about, Estelle soon realizes there is more at stake than fighting her arch enemy. With the unsettling notion that there is something otherworldly manipulating them all, Estelle is torn between taking Gregory with her to Paradise, battling her powerful attraction to him, and fighting the magical curse —Amor Fati—that Cutlass has unleashed on the world.

As Estelle and Gregory work together, albeit begrudgingly at first, and are drawn closer to the evil source, the battle intensifies as an evil power takes over minds of many men and eventually Estelle herself. Estelle must use her magical gift to defeat the terrible power that is close to being unleashed on the world, overcome her deep mistrust of men, and realize her powerful love for Gregory.

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