Monday, January 24, 2011

Dreaming in English by Laura Fitzgerald

This is a sequel to Veil of Roses, a book I read and thoroughly enjoyed last year. See review here: Normally, sequels are disappointments. Not so, this one. I was thoroughly engrossed, on the edge of my seat, and completely devoured this novel in two days despite its 400 some pages.

Veil ended with Tami marrying her American sweetheart, Ike. Happy ending, right? Well.. maybe not. In this book, Tami and Ike are dealing with the aftermath of their quickie wedding. Ike's parents are NOT happy about it. They say she is using him. Those who read book one will understand how they got that impression because yes, Tami did come to America on a tourist visa from Iran aiming to find herself a husband, and thus, American citizenship within three months. Normally I would frown on this, but Tami was honest with all her Persian American "fiances" in book one. However, Ike's family and the American Immigration officials don't see it that way and Tami's recent past comes in to haunt her.

So.. Tami's got a MIL that wants her deported, two angry former "fiances," an Immigration Interview she's got to pass, a husband that pushes her away everytime she displeases him, a pregnant sister, a mom too afraid to leave Iran's oppressiveness, and.... drumroll please... Ike's ex girlfriend pops up too!

There's lots of drama making this kinda chicklitty... BUT it really addresses some serious issues as well. What makes one an American? How far should a woman be prepared to go, how much should she be willing to sacrifice to obtain her freedom?

Tami lets people push her around too much and gives up too easily too often in the book. I was very irritated by this and would have taken away a star but she steps up to the plate in the end and I literally cheered when she thought these words, "And really, why am I always so nice to people who are horrible to me? Where has taking the higher road ever gotten me?"

Five stars. And Ms. Fitzgerald, you should write a novel about Eva. That's one cool chick.

Favorite moment: When Ike wants to carry Tami over the threshold, she says, "Isn't the bride capable of crossing the threshold on her own two feet, at her husband's side, maybe holding his hand instead of being carried by him?"

Heck ya! I got this book through a publicist.

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