Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Movie: Rains of Injustice

I know this is Book Babe, but once again, I watched a movie related to a book I have read about a real life heroine and I thought to share. This movie was released in 2010 and stars Michelle Rodriguez, Cesar Evora, and Juan Fernandez.

The book I'm thinking of is In the Time of the Butterflies by Julia Alvarez. This movie is not based on that book, but has enough similarities.. As a matter of fact, Butterflies has its own movie and I have no idea why they have made two movies of the same topic and woman, but I liked this one enough. The woman is Minerva Mirabel and it is about her and two of her sisters and how they planned an uprising against the dictator Trujillo. They failed and had an unfortunate death, but they have gone down in Latin history.

As with many other historical movies, a lot of pertinent information is left out. I recommend one reads the above book I mentioned first OR familiarizes themselves with Dominican Republic history first. The movie follows Minerva and pretty much neglects her other three sisters. Minerva spurns Trujillo's advances and discovers that he is watching her as she lives her life. She goes to law school and cannot continue her classes until she gives a speech applauding El Jefe... When she graduates, for some reason, the governement denies her a license to practice.. Gee, I wonder who is behind that?

There are uprisings, weapons caches, men imprisoned, people tortured.. and lots of awesome cars! My complaints: 1. Everywhere Minerva goes, all men stop and stare at her. Come on, let's be realistic. 2. Trujillo looks constantly constipated. Either that, or he is smirking at all times.. I really couldn't tell. 3. Very little about the other sisters.

Still worth the trip to Blockbuster though. Favorite part: When Minerva tells her friend, "I prefer books before men."

Minerva Mirabel

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