Friday, January 14, 2011

No Cure for the Broken Hearted by Kenneth Rosenberg

How many of you have had a passionate love affair/relationship in your life that you simply could never completely get over? Perhaps too many things were left unsaid, leaving the constant feeling of "unfinished business." Perhaps he or she rocked your boat like no one else has since. Whether it was lust or love, he or she is the one person you never forget. Even years later, married to someone else entirely, you still think about and wonder about that person.

This is the problem Katherine has.. she cannot get over the summer fling she had with the wealthy Nicholas when she was 16. Twelve years later, she is a successful architect, a strong woman (except for the fact she's still pining over this fruitcake...), but lonely. She cannot have a successful relationship because she has "unfinished business" with Nicholas. After that wonderful summer, she never heard from the rich boy again.

Twelve years later, he wants to hire her to design his house. He's also marrying this awful tart... Katherine thinks she will accept the job and in the process of designing his house and witnessing his nupitals, she will be able to get over him and move on.. WRONG!

What follows: Secrets buried 12 years come to surface. Nicholas seems to be toying with Katherine's feelings. Katherine realizes she is still in love with this millionaire playboy. Katherine ends up following him around the world.. she may find him, but will she find love?

I liked Katherine. I liked how she stuck up for herself against Nick's snooty mother. I especially liked this moment here, in which Katherine is talking to some "kept" rich women who have never worked a day in their lives and her thoughts are, "She worked for a living. To them, it meant she was poor. At first she felt a surge of embarassment, but then it was replaced by pride. She'd made her own way in the world. She needed nobody else, and besides that, she found great satisfaction in her work. These people felt they were superior, but to Katherine it was the other way around."

So true. Keep it up, chica.

I think the book is well written, engaging, and realistic. I have one complaint: Nick is wuss. I hate him. I wanted to kick his arse. I failed to see (even after reading his sappy letters) what Katherine loved about him. He's a spineless momma's boy who runs from his problems instead of facing them. Thus, four stars. Even in the end, I didn't feel he was "worth it."

A quote to ponder from Nicholas:  "Unrequited love is the only kind that lasts. You never have to experience the boredom or the fights, or the slow decline. You just have that long simmering pain, reminding you of what once was."

He has an excellent point. Anyone have an opinion on that they would like to share?

I received this in ebook format from the author.


  1. Don't most of us over the age of 13 have some old love that we think...if only? Thank goodness those are only daydreams. The whole "the grass is greener" syndrome. Nice review.

  2. Tara, your review gave me pause...especially at a difficult point in my personal life. I have been there, and "unfinished business" does linger for years longer than you would expect. Mine wasn't a fling; it lasted ten years...but it wasn't going to change. When other relationships failed, I went back to him. He had bets on how long my marriage would last; he lost...the bet and me. Provocative and excellent review!!

  3. Thank you, Irene, for both the compliment and sharing your personal story. Sounds like you made the right choice.

  4. Hi Tara, you drew me right in with your question at the beginning of your excellent review! I am still holding the candle for a man I had a relationship with for 11 years. It's tough to move on.

  5. Hi Tara,
    Im a new follower and have just finished reading this novel and funnily enough Im about to enter in this situation myself but I know personally if I dont take the risk and go for it ,then I will regret it and it will be a decision that haunts me for the rest of my life - I guess like Nick's and Katherine's 12 yrs.

  6. Congratulations, Phantom! I hope it works out. Not too many of us get the opportunity. I wish you the best.