Friday, January 20, 2012

For the Sake of Sin by Suzie Grant

For The Sake Of SinThis was a short, erotic, historical tale involving a courtesan, an assassin, and a corrupt mayor. I think it's a good way to sample Suzie Grant's work. I read her Wrong Kind of Paradise recently and thoroughly enjoyed it as well. 

For a short story, it was good. I did find the falling in love and opening up to each other with their dark secrets be a bit abrupt and sudden, but again, it's a shortie. Ava is a courtesan who wants to hire Gabriel to kill her lover. Why? Because her lover killed her family... Well, Ava is a lusty woman who enjoys her job. I'm not into whores, myself, but I appreciated that this heroine enjoyed sex. It was a pleasant change from the frightened, simpering whores you often find in historical romances. Ava uses sex to her advantage and likes it. 

I also liked that the sex scenes had some unique language/descriptions. Suzie Grant has a unique style and a good writer's voice.

I downloaded this free on Amazon Kindle.

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