Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sophie and the Rising Sun by Augusta Trobaugh

Sophie and the Rising SunI am really torn about this book. One one hand, I see a beautiful love story... Oto loves Sophie right away, and his is a beautiful love. There nothing even remotely ugly about Oto. His love isn't one of those, "Oh my manhood stirred at the sight of her and I imagined myself.." kind of loves. His love is pure, his character innocent and naive. Sophie, too, has a clean love for Otto. 

On the other hand, where the heck is this love coming from? Oto sees her and from then on, it's all about this weird crane sighting... How do you love someone so passionately that you have only seen from afar or sat there quietly with?

What I did love about this book, however, is the narrator's voice. It's narrated by an older woman who hired Mr. Oto to be her gardener and then sheltered him from all the evil, prejudice town folk after Pearl Harbor. Through her, we get a lesson in not judging others, that we are Americans first and foremost, and along with that, we get a dose of humor and a handful of chuckles. Delightful.

The ending...it does leave you hanging. I thought it was a bit week. I am not going to say anything more about that because I don't wish to ruin it, but really, WTH?

Three stars and I got this from netgalley.

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