Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Speak Easy To Me by Christine DePetrillo

Speak Easy to MeI only found this book because I was browsing the publisher's "calls for submissions," and you know that saying, "Everything happens for a reason?" I figure the reason I haven't heard squat back on my latest story submission is because then I wouldn't have been browsing publishers submissions still seeking a home for the darned thing, and I wouldn't have run across this awesome little story.

It's 2012, but I'm a suffragette. I love reading about them. I guess this publisher did a series type thing about suffragettes cause I found two titles and this was one of them. I read it while on the treadmill. It's only 30 pages and whereas it doesn't really go into the right to vote, the fact that the heroine is a suffragette plays cutely into the tale.

You got a suffragette who thanks to her brother, has to somewhat submit herself to the pawing hands of a speak easy owner...and when the piano player/former WWI soldier helps her avoid her face, the love bells go ringing. It's sweet and cute and thoroughly enjoyable. 

It's only 30 pages so I really didn't expect it to delve too deeply into the Right to Vote, but I sure did enjoy these little parts:

"Will spun on her booted heel and rejoined her fellow demonstrators. She wanted to change her sign to read, Brothers Are Morons. She was more convinced than ever that women needed to run the country. Hell, women needed to rule the world."

And after making love to the gorgeous piano player, our tough, ballsy heroine says, (and this is the best part!)
"I still want the vote for women, but perhaps men aren't totally useless."

For what it is, a short historical romance, I loved it. It's a perfect treadmill/lunch break book. Five stars. (I bought this on Amazon Kindle.)

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