Monday, January 9, 2012

Interview with Chastity Bush, author of Tumbleweeds

TumbleweedsIf you believe in love at first sight and you feel that true love conquers all and like some sexy sheriffs with that, you may want to read Tumbleweeds by Chastity Bush. 

Upon "meeting" this fellow Oklahoman author, I couldn't resist finding out more about her and her work.

One of her books is called Tumbleweeds. It's a western about a girl who works in a whore house AS A BARTENDER. Get your minds out of the gutters. It's inevitable that some fellows will get the wrong idea though, and when some men try to get her to add to her job duties, a sexy sheriff steps in, and they both catch each others' eyes.

Berry doesn't have a high opinion of men...and it's no wonder as the man you could call her fiance visits the whorehouse himself 6 times a week and it's not to see Berry... Tavis, however, the new sheriff, aims to marry her. But someone from his past comes riding into town and just may throw his plans haywire.

A very enjoyable read. I confess I've friended the author on facebook, and I saw her sense of humor that I have come to know online, show up between the pages. The book also has a strong moral about not judging others based on their friends, occupations, so on. 

Now, back to Chastity. She's agreed to come on here and answer Ten Questions from Tara.

Tara: Tumbleweeds takes place in the old days of the West when women were either married homemakers, whores, saloon madams, or bartenders. Which would you have been and why?

Chastity: My hubby and I both agree on this one. I’d probably have been a madam. Looks like a lot of excitement without all the skirt lifting. That, and the fact that I love all the frills, hot dresses, big beds, etc. That sounds right up my alley. :)

Tara: Mr. Clemmons is good looking, but can't find his way home without a map. Berry calls him an imbecile. (That's a funny moment by the way.) Do you know or have you known many men like this? Got a funny story you can share about one of them?

Chastity: I’ve met several people like this. You think their so handsome/beautiful then blam! They open their mouths and you can’t help but wonder how these people are even capable of dressing themselves in the morning.

Tara: If you were to choose an actress to play Lily Bell, whom do you visualize?

Chastity: Oh, wow. I haven’t thought about this at all. I really have no idea. She would have to be beautiful, sassy, spunky, and able to stand her ground, not just in the movie, but in real life as well.

Tara: You live in Whitefield, Oklahoma. Were you visualizing your town long ago when you wrote this?

Chastity: Yes. Where I live in Oklahoma you can’t help but to think about those days. There’s plenty of pastures, cattle, barns, and farmers.

Tara: I've never heard a whorehouse patron/client called a tumbleweed before. How did you dig this up or come up with this? 

Chastity: This is something I’ve always heard the client of a whorehouse called. I’m not sure where it originated, but I love the term and had to use it.  

Tara: The heroine's name is Strawberry Meadows. That sounds like a really good wine. What's the story/reason behind this?

Chastity: I knew right off the bat I wanted Berry to have deep, dark, red hair and I wanted it to be incorporated into her name, something that made her unique. I needed something original to compare her hair to. Of course, a strawberry popped into my mind, and it all came together.

Tara: Berry has a really low opinion of men until she meets Tavis. Does this parallel anything in your own life?

Chastity: No. I will admit that I’m a little mistrustful, but that isn’t just with men, that’s with everyone. I’m always a little leery of people until I get to know them. It’s just who I am.

Tara: Berry and Tavis feel instant attraction to each other. Was it like that for you and your husband?

Chastity: Yes. I swear, the moment I laid eyes on my husband I knew he was the one. It was just a feeling that filled me. It was so crazy, but here we are still married fourteen years later.

Tara: Berry hesitates over marriage. Were you also hard to convince?

Chastity: Nope. I wanted to be married. Perhaps that lack of apprehension was because of the wonderful man I was marrying. I’ve never had a bad opinion of marriage, even after watching my mothers’ divorces. I think they actually helped me see what I needed to do and not do to make a marriage work. Of course we have our ups and downs, we all do, but I love being married.

Tara: I'm a dog mom so this is always my last and final question. Do you have pets? If so, please tell me about them and provide a photo.

Chastity: We don’t have any pets anymore. We had a cat for a long time, but he lives with my dad in Texas now, and our big, hairy, weird but awesome guinea pig passed away a couple years ago. Since then, we’ve been a pet free house. We do like animals; just don’t really have time to care for them as they need. 

Thank you, Chastity! For those of you interested in Tumbleweeds, you can buy it here:

Tumbleweeds Paperback
Tumbleweeds Kindle


  1. Thanks for the interview, Tara! It was great being here! :)

  2. Nice job Tara. Good interview.