Monday, January 30, 2012

Lucy Wagner Gets in Shape by Claire Matthews

Lucy Wagner Gets in Shape (Lucy Wagner #1)I got a real kick out of this novel. The first person narrative is REAL and the heroine is witty and honest. Her friends are fun (the kind of friends I wish I had), the banter made me laugh, and the love story...I could feel it. 

Lucy is BFFs with Will and Jenny. They've hung out for ages. They know each other's favorite foods, they rally around each other when there's a break up, they help each other pass exams and prepare for job interviews. So...imagine Lucy's surprise when after a rough break up (her bf was cheating, the jerk), she discovers that Will has feelings for her and has for quite some time and well...she has feelings for him too. 

Is it a rebound thing? Something causes Will to think so. There's misunderstandings, petty arguments, trust issues, surprising revelations, and Lucy is faced with making a difficult decision: career or love? Sacrifice or make someone else sacrifice? Rebound or real thing?

Meanwhile, they are training for a major running/hiking/kayaking event to prove to Lucy's ex that she can do it. "I am proving to myself, and to Paul, that I am not a fat person in a skinny person's body. That I am a woman of substance and conviction. That I am woman worthy of love, and I'm every bit as tough and brave as Langley whatever-the-hell-her-name-is."

But really, she's getting HER LIFE in shape, not her tush.

My favorite moments (some of them): 

"Jen and I have already renamed the master bedroom the 'Puta Palace,' because Jenny is Mexican, and she loves whipping out Spanish cuss words in a crisis."

And after seeing a half naked man while kayaking, Lucy..: "I turn quickly and begin to paddle as fast as I can. I'm not getting very far, because the curved oars of my paddle are facing the wrong way, but I'm pumping away to beat the band."

Hilarious conversation:

Jenny: "Was it like, 'stayed out in the heat too long' body odor or like, 'European earthy guy' body odor?"

Lucy: "I don't know-is there a difference?"

Jenny: "God, yes. European body odor kind of turns me on. It's like stink with a sexy accent."

Five stars. Extremely enjoyable. I would also like to note that this author pulled off the present tense very well. Not many authors can do that. Superbly done. I bought this on Amazon Kindle. 


  1. Hi Tara,

    Thanks for complimenting my new book cover on my blog. I've always enjoyed visiting your blog too. Love your profile picture with your cute babies!

  2. I want to be friends with Lucy, Will and Jen!!! I read this book in less than 24 hours and it was soooo cute! It's witty, funny, sweet...and I laughed out loud. This is a great, easy read. Something carefree. LOVED IT!