Sunday, January 1, 2012

La Desperada by Patricia Burroughs

La DesperadaThis is another old romance that got a makeover to keep up with the kindle age. Take a good look at that cover and title. Of course I had to read it. Thoughts of woman bandits ran through my head....

She's not a bandit though, not really. Yes, Elizabeth is running from the Law, but she's being falsely accused of murdering her own husband and her brother in law is the accuser AND the town sheriff, so really, what choice does she have but to let the famous outlaw, Boone Coulter out of jail and coerce him into helping her escape?

What follows is days trail riding, trying to stay under the radar, avoid trouble, and going hungry to boot. Elizabeth also realizes there's more to Boone than meets the eye. Is he really the cruel outlaw everyone says he is? Or did he take this path for a deeper reason..a reason of revenge?

It's revenge all right and it involves her dead husband, her evil brother in law, and things of the past. But while she is trying to avoid the BIL, Boone has a bone to pick with him. 
What Wild Ecstasy

Enter a strange Spanish man with a drug problem, a mysterious and very dead deformed woman, a whore who aims to get to NY, a nosy reporter, and a young and naive deputy, and you have a cast of characters that tie in to an action packed, keep you guessing story and a surprise ending. I especially enjoyed a scene in which Elizabeth steals the mail to score some necessary money, but as she goes through the envelopes, realizes she can't do it.. she can't take the money sent from mother to her son begging her son to buy a horse and come home... Thus, Elizabeth doesn't have a bandit's heart. At all.

I really enjoyed it, but some parts seemed a bit drawn out unnecessarily, such as the drug user and his weird fantasies. LOL I give it a four and I recommend it to all fans of historical romance. 

Favorite passages: 

"A lady endures, whether it be poverty or a pitiful, drunken husband, or even simple loneliness...and a lady...through he very act of her weakness, is stronger than anyone can ever imagine a lady would ever have to be."

"If you can see the wrong and point it out then that makes you feel like you're right. It seems that there's so much wickedness in their world, that people have to point their fingers and call names at your to convince themselves that they're keeping things under control."

I was provided an ebook of this from the author, no strings attached.

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