Thursday, May 17, 2012

For the Love of Liberty by Christine DePetrillo

For the Love of LibertySometimes, especially after struggling to read through a 350 page book of boring natter natter and filler, I just need a short story/novelette. I had one of those moments and chose this one.
The setting is pre Revolutionary war. Grace's father and brother get to go be soldiers/Patriots. She wants to join them but is confined by womanhood. Life isn't fair! She wants freedom from the British and from petticoats.

Isaac is an escaped slave. He wants freedom too, and the British promise him that. Thus, he dons a uniform and his first assignment is to spy on Grace's household.

Really enjoyed the teasing and jokes between them, as well as the thoughts they each had about freedom and how they were both striving for the same thing. BUT the ending left me unsatisfied. You have a British solider/freed slave and a white girl/daughter of Patriots...I don't really see a happily ever after here and the book left me hanging. I also didn't buy into her father's quick forgiveness when catching his virginal daughter with her top off in the barn.

Overall though, it was a good read and just what I needed at the time. It had a great message within it about how we all want the same thing: freedom and love. Four stars. I bought this on Amazon.

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