Sunday, May 20, 2012

Meme Time: The Power of Four

A friend of mine was too lazy to update her blog on a regular basis. LOL. And she created Meme Time: The Power of Four to start something fun and update her blog. It also gives our readers a chance to get to know us better. Here's just a bit about me. I copy and pasted the list, put it my own answers, and now I shall tag four other people.
Four Places I have worked/Jobs I have had
American Airlines
Frederick's of Hollywood
A Military Base
Four Places I Have Lived:
Lakenheath, England
Sacremento, CA
All over Oklahoma
Roy, Utah
Four Movies I Could Watch Again and Again:
As Good As it Gets
Girl, Interrupted
Gone in 60 Seconds
Weekend at Bernie's
Four Television Shows I Watch (Don’t really watch that much TV)
Top Gear
Air Emergency
errr...that's honestly IT.
Four Authors I Enjoy:
Christina Courtenay
Julie Moffett
Haley Elizabeth Garwood
D.F. Krieger
Four Places I Have Travelled To:
Puerto Rico
San Francisco
Deer Lodge, MT
Four Websites I Visit Daily:
Four of My Favorite Foods:
Chicken salad with honey mustard dressing
Grilled cheese sandwich
Tomato soup
Four Places I’d Rather Be:
A spa getting a facial
sunbathing on the deck of a cruise ship
A bar full of sexy cabana boys
a salsa club
Four People I Want to Tag:
Gayl Taylor
Raven McAllan
Lorraine Nelson
Marissa Dobson

If you’ve been tagged, make your own list and link back to this post.  Have fun with it and happy Sunday.


  1. Yay!Hope you had fun doing it. I just couldn't muster the brain power for a six sentence Sunday!!!