Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Promise of Silk by Lilith Duvalier

The Promise Of SilkYes, I read some erotica, but it's rare. However, I've fessed up to enjoying the Anne Rice Sleeping Beauty trilogy...and liking it. And now, Ann Rice has some competition. Her name is Lilith Duvalier.

Erotica must be done well for me to enjoy it and despite all the books of sex, sex, sex, menage, sex flooding the market, the selection is poor. The sex is either mechanical and lacking emotion or worst of all, the women are also the ones being dominated by assholes. Or sometimes, I just plain don't buy into the relationship. (Or I get the feeling they wrote sex just for the same of getting more out there.)

This was a pleasant change. Steampunk, balloons, silk, a very strong, independent woman, a man willing to submit and beating his inner demons of shame in the process. Even briefly, some m/m. It never left a bad taste in my mouth. At all. It was just that well done.

Jane plays with Alaric in ways I've never thought of. Major thumbs up for creativity. The character's internal thoughts, feelings, inhibitions...made the situation very well and believable. The conflict was unique and not the same old, same old. Jane needs a man in her life and she wants to mold him to her liking, dominate him to a point, and Alaric is willing to be dommed. In this book, the WOMAN IS IN CHARGE THE ENTIRE TIME.

I hesitate to say more cause this is a short read and I risk revealing too much. Five bikes. I bought this on Amazon.