Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Vagina Buffet by S.J. Tierney

The Vagina Buffet - Bite size tales of a Brazilian WaxerCan a book be hilarious, educational, and insightful all at once? Yes, it can.
First, the funny bits. The book is part memoir of running a Brazilian waxing salon/part education/part warning of what not to do with your lady bits/part advisory about paps and such, and part pep talk: there is no normal vagina. There is nothing wrong with YOUR vagina. You can't expect your vagina to look like everyone else's.

First the memoir bits:

There was the lady that struggled not to fart while getting her stuff waxed. This resulted in the squeezing together of her buttocks and oh my...two cheeks waxed together.

"It's a garden that gets watered several times a day, it occasionally gets pollinated and pruned, and every now and then it produces offspring."

There's talk of periods. Those mortifying moments...we've all had them now.

"I'm in the third row of an unfamiliar church, my boyfriend's mum at home preparing breakfast, with no female support, surrounded by men, and my backside resembles a Japanese flag!"

There's man waxing. Funny quotes from other women. A touching story about a woman battling cervical cancer who after fighting and fighting, just wanted to feel sexy again.

There's illustrations, jokes, vagina art, pregnancy stuff, experiments. This is the most enjoyable and funny read I've read in some time. I guarantee, man or woman, you will be rolling on the floor laughing, but I also learned from it.

Go nab this one. To say  much more would ruin the book for readers. But meanwhile, remember that your vagina is self cleaning and don't fart after a wax...cause "the hair is there to muff the fluffs."

Five bikes. Highly recommended. I was given this by that author in exchange for an honest review.

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