Saturday, May 26, 2012

Driven by Lisa Nowak

I just finished this book and I'm actually at a loss for words. It was fantastic. Trying to explain all the plot lines and the way they touched me seems daunting. But I shall try.

First, my attention span is short nowadays. Rarely do I pick up a full length novel and manage to read it without skimming. Too many of them are full of irrelevant, boring details. Not this one. This one grabbed me and held me tight. I didn't want to put it down.

DrivenJess is a young teenage girl who loves working on cars and going to the drags/car races. She's got a total loser of a mother. So many times I wanted to beat the crap out of Lydia and leave her body by the side of a road. But her daughter is the total opposite. Where Lydia is a whiny, lazy, alcoholic loser, Jess is just driven.

Imagine being sixteen, building your own car, paying the bills, working two jobs, and in the end, living in that car. All the while, trying to make a name for yourself in the racing world. Some would say Jess is stupid for not asking for help. I said she's got guts and pride.

Before I make this review too long, I'll just make a little list.

Humor: Thanks to Terri Sue and a cute little boy named Rhett (Yes, Gone with the Wind), there were a load of chuckles and laughs throughout Jess's story of heartbreak.

Romance: Got it. Jess starts a sweet romance with Cody from Nowak's previous two books. And this time, I really liked Cody. He's turned out well.

Moral: Yep. Got that too. About pride and when to swallow it.

Forgiveness: Another issue.

Cars: A LOT. Terri Sue drives a Camaro (she's a lady racecar driver!!! I hope she is the next book!). Race and Cody drive Dodge Darts. Jess drives a Ford Pinto. There's a car for everyone.

Conclusion: Best  YA book I've read this year. Loved it. Five bikes.

I received this from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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