Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Pick-Up Wife by W. Lynn Chantale

The Pick-Up WifeI think I may declare this woman the master of sensuality. Her sex scenes are vivid without being offensive. I could actually feel the coldness of the counter contrasting against the warmth of my.... never mind. You get the picture.

Summary: Symmone has been a single mom for 9 years, divorcee for almost ten. She works two jobs, sleeps on a sofa; she does what she has to. She is an intensely independent woman. She makes it clear she doesn't need a man, especially her ex husband, Leo, when he shows up out of the blue wanting to get with her again.

Weary and with good reason--he did leave her once before--Symmone is hesitant to open her legs and her heart to this man. Well, the legs open first (that's where the hot sex comes in), the heart comes next...and Symmone is in for more heartbreak cause Leo didn't exactly come back for the right reasons.

When she finds out the truth, she can end things now or forgive and salvage what is left. But he's going to have to prove himself. And FYI, I was actually in suspense over this.

Very sweet, very sensual, very vivid. The author puts the reader IN the scene, no telling here, all showing. The sex was great. The characters were likable. Even Leo, though I had a hard time liking him at first, broke my defenses in the end.

Only quibble: I got confused in a few spots. I didn't really see how getting rid of a wife can advance a man's architect career  though in this day and age, who knows. LOL. Also had one moment of confusion when the heroine just seemed to realize she hadn't told the man about his kids. I could totally see why she hadn't and actually agreed with her for keeping the kids to herself, all things considered. That didn't bother me. Her conversation with her cousin just didn't fit with an earlier part of the tale and threw me off a bit. But that's me being nit picky.

And the kids were cute. Can't believe I'm saying that, but I really liked them. :)

Four bikes. I received this from the author, no strings attached, no review required. I honestly enjoyed this story, characters, and sensuality. I'll be watching for more by this author.


  1. Thank you so much for the lovely review. Can I keep the title? *giggles* I'm glad you enjoyed and will take you comments and apply them to future stories. Thanks again.

  2. Sounds very good, and something that I could learn from. I'll add it to my TBR mountain!