Friday, June 22, 2012

Fairy Tail by Andrew P. Weston

Fairy TailThis one shocked me, but I'm also tickled pink someone else wrote something that could be classified erotic noir.

You've got a detective investigating a crime and he's oh so full of himself, and this being a first person narrative, you would think that would be irritating, but it wasn't. The guy made me chuckle a few times with his blatant honesty and sarcasm.

"If you get on the wrong side of me, the only thing you'll hear going bump in the night is my fist repeatedly hitting your face."

The case: Once year, before Halloween,  like clockwork, someone commits a series of gruesome murders. They tear the bodies apart, pin the flesh to the wall with the ribs, and dance in the blood...and somehow disappear without a trace or a footprint.

Can he figure out whodunnit and how in time? And oh, how a man's dick can get him into trouble... That is all I'm gonna say. It's a short story and I risk revealing too much. But I will say it's incredibly daring and the sex is hot. Thumbs up, Mr. Weston.

This was free on Amazon Kindle.

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