Friday, June 15, 2012

The Woman at the Light by Joanna Brady

The Woman at the Light: A NovelAt first, I really loved and enjoyed this book. The narrative is very engaging. The descriptions are just right. The story is different. Can't say I've ever read a tale quite like this one. It gets major points for a unique story line.

It goes from New Orleans to Wrecker's Cave and the workings of maintaining a light house back in the 1800s to Key West to Cuba. It addresses slavery, greed, and how cruel and deceitful people can be.

When Emily's husband disappears, the story immersed in mystery as well. What happened to him? Where is he? When a former slave lands ashore, Andrew, he becomes a blessing in disguise for a woman trying to maintain a lighthouse position on her own. And they fall in love.

That part was beautiful. But when a hurricane hits, it was all downhill from there. I was aiming at a four until the last half.

Some things that did not sit well with me: I didn't always like the heroine. She claimed to be anti slavery after she got to know Anthony, but I can't say I really felt that much emotion from her about it. The past bits about meeting her husband were dull and unnecessary. The sex stuff involved in her second marriage...errr...felt weird, like it didn't fit. And the ending...I'm sorry, but I found it hard to believe everything could be forgiven with the simple gifting of a bag of weed. Everything was suddenly so pit pat and Andrew just brushed everything off too easily.

I found myself rolling my eyes at times over the fact that all the men want to marry, love, or rape the heroine too. But that was later explained and I confess I didn't see this particular twist coming. Big thumbs up there.

All in all, it is a good book. Every book have things one likes and things one doesn't like. It about averages out for me. Three bikes.

I received this via netgalley.

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