Sunday, June 3, 2012

Flight from Berlin by David John

Flight From BerlinA fascinating WWII book, with major points for being unique and standing out as far as characters/plot in a genre in which most everything has been done to death.

I was sucked in asap by the tidbits and sideline story involving the Hindenburg. I had to Google it and look at pictures. The drama behind the 1936 Olympic games was equally fascinating. And then...oh, my goodness, we've got Richard, a British reporter, getting imprisoned and assaulted for a dossier that he doesn't have.

When his hands do get on it, what shall he do with it? He and Eleanor, the former Olympic hopeful, can either use it to save many or use it to save three. Or can they pull off both?

The story involving Hannah...just wow. It wasn't till I read the author notes in the back that I realized it wasn't true. It's a great look at what could have been going on though. Also, the things the dossier reveal. Hm.. I can't say much, but I'll say it was an excellent idea.

Loved the beginning, middle, starting growing bored toward the last half when the dossier entries started. They were interesting but too long, I think. That's actually when the action scenes get really heated though. The romance was a tad weak, but I actually liked that. Women who like steam will be disappointed, however.

Overall: this book was intriguing. I recommend it.

I received this,  an ARC, from Amazon Vine.


  1. I'm glad to hear the romance doesn't overshadow the rest of the story. Looking forward to reading this one.

  2. Tara, a very enticing review. The mention of both the Hindenburg and the infamous 1936 Olympics, something not often seen in HF really grabbed my attention.