Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The House of Serenades by Lina Simoni

The House of SerenadesThis is a historical mystery/romance that takes place in Genoa, Italy. It's about class, greed, and most of all: how pride can be one's downfall.

The mystery involves the patriarch of a family and his dirty secrets. Most of the entire family is guilty of something. He casts aside his daughter...to "save" the family name. His wife turns the other cheek to save her own reputation. His son does the unspeakable. His daughter falls in love with a man of low class...a baker! And the aunt is ridiculously crushed when the you know what hits the fan. The family's name is now in the gutter! The world is over! There's a doctor involved as well...and what starts as a good deed becomes a question into greedy madness and he's soon embroiled with this crazy family too.

There is such a thing as too much pride.

The love story is Caterina and the poor baker. Both handle their love in different ways. Can persistence conquer all? Can love?

Very intriguing and I appreciated the moral. But...there was a lot of telling and the narrative at times went on and on and on without a break for a few pages.

I also grew a bit irritated at times, found the love story slightly comical, overblown. The mystery, secrets, and moral about pride is what kept me glued.

Three bikes.

I received this from  the author via a PR company.

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