Friday, June 15, 2012

Her Unlikely Bodyguard by Lorraine Nelson

Her Unlikely BodyguardImagine having a stalker intent not only on terrorizing you, but on separating you from your son?

What's a woman to do? No husband, no boyfriend, just a crazed stalker...after her and her son? Go home, of course. Jemma Leigh packs up her son and heads back to her hometown where she feels she'll be safe and be able to start over on good footing.

But surprises await her... her former lover in in town and that spark of desire still lights up in his eyes...and in her own deep recesses... whoot whoot.

And you know it...stalkers can't be stopped. He finds her even in her hometown and when it looks like the good ole Mounties can't keep her safe, it's up to Ted. Can he keep her safe? More important, can they keep their hearts safe from each other?

A story of love, of broken promises, of flames rekindled, of regrets left by the roadside, and a crazed stalker wreaking havoc. And the sex in this is pretty darn hot. LOL

Available today from Breathless Press


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