Friday, June 8, 2012

The Silent Touch of Shadows by Christina Courtenay

The Silent Touch of ShadowsFirst of all, this is a very different story from Courtenay's usual. It's a time slip, and though it has lots of "in the past" bits, I would say the majority is in the present. There was also a lot less man bits than usual. (I couldn't resist saying that!)

It was almost like reading an entirely different author, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Melissa is a genealogist. (This itself was utterly fascinating. What a unique occupation. I found these parts very educational.) She is struggling with her recent divorce when a mysterious aunt invites her to her 600 year old (I hope that is accurate) estate. Daughter in tow, she ends up moving there and soon, strange dreams, scents, voices, visions begin to haunt her.

When she meets the local vet, a dead ringer for Roger, the ghost haunting and seducing her, she faints!

And oh my goodness, can I just say I love the fact we have a contemporary romance here that doesn't feature an aggressive alpha male, but a nice guy?

But Melissa can't pursue a relationship with the handsome vet until she knows for sure Roger isn't guiding all her movements and decisions...and that Sibell isn't taking over her body. (Roger's love interest in the 15th century.)

The story goes back and forth between Melissa and Sibel. Sibel's story is sad and haunting. An evil father bartering her like coin, four brothers that treat her with brutality...but what in the world happened? All we know in the beginning and middle is that Sibell and Roger were separated, but how? By whom? What happened to the brothers? To Roger? What does Roger want?

Very suspenseful with perfect blend of historical/contemporary, mystery elements, descriptions. My only quibbles: If Roger could say "Help me, please, sweeting," why couldn't he just come out and tell Melissa the problem and how to fix it? LOL. Yes, I realize there would be no story then, but I honestly found myself wondering this. Kinda hoped for an explanation. And hey, don't giggle at old ladies with faulty hearing aids. *wagging finger* I promise it's not any more enjoyable for us to constantly ask you to repeat yourself than it is for you to repeat yourself. LOL

4 bikes.


  1. Thank you so much, Tara, I'm glad you enjoyed it even though it's different to my other books!

    As for why Roger can't tell Melissa what he wants, I kind of saw it as part of the "magic" that binds him to that place. He's trapped and can ask for help, but not explain - someone else needs to solve the mystery in order to free his soul. Does that make sense? Hope so! :)

  2. This sounds right up my alley. As usual with reviews that strike my fancy, I stopped reading as soon as I realized that I wanted to read this book, because I don't want to spoil myself in even minor ways. But I'll be back to finish reading later!

  3. Excellent review! And yes, if I saw someone making fun of my mom because she wore a hearing aid, I'd clock 'em one. Otherwise, this sounds like an excellent read. :)