Sunday, August 26, 2012

Deleted Scenes... Dominique Goodall wants to know what you think....

Deleted scenes – that section you turn to whenever you turn on a DVD. How amusing they can be; occasionally pointless and often punctuated with mistakes and speeches which are said with a smile. No one ever thinks of the scenes in a book where the author has heartlessly slashed through a chapter and deleted it, denying it the beauty of ever being printed and seen by someone who may, or may not; find it important to the book.

Such decisions are just par to the course for every writer. The question always being what does this scene bring to my story? Does it develop a character or lead the story on to the final conclusion? What makes a scene stand out and what makes it unneeded? Authors have the hardest job for things like that but fortunately for me I have yet to ever write a story in which a scene has not been classed as necessary, as vital to the plot.

From characters learning more about themselves to the very feeling of wind in fur during a hunt; my scenes hurry the story along towards the final tumultuous finale; the big finish – the fireworks at the end of a party. I’ve often read a book or two where some scenes are unneeded – and yet others which haven’t been connected properly where a scene has been deleted. I love reading deleted scenes, or sections which the author has chosen to make the cut.

Often these are cut in editing, some people keeping them in hopes that they can improve those sections – the sections left so amazing that they make us laugh, make us cry – and even, on my part, made me scream at the book in frustration when a story ends too quickly or even when the wrong character dies. I love the thought of the cut – the image of a red pen slashing through words and slicing them away – like a knife, trimming off the edges of the stale bread – I know, weird analogy but that’s just me! :p

So now we’re onto you.
What do you think about deleted scenes?
Should humorous ones be included for your amusement?
Which books have you read where you’ve actually wanted to scene a pointless scene cut?

And if you disagree with someone’s book…let’s have a discussion – IF we know the book!

Dominique Goodall is the author of the soon to be released Echoes of Winter, book one in the Seasons of the Wolf series and a self-confessed wolf addict. She has currently been published in two anthologies by Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing and is currently working on getting herself better known by sending in manuscripts for as many different anthologies as she possibly can.

As much as she loves to admit it, she never will be able to count her wolf stuff- there's nothing left for her to be truly able to collect without her own home.

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  1. I might be odd person out, but I rarely watch deleted scenes on DVD unless it's of an actor/actress I want to see more of. I figure they cut the scenes for a reason....Maybe I'll start checking them out!

    The cover for this book is awesome. Here's to good sales, Dominique!

    1. Thanks Dahlia! The deleted scenes can be really funny as they can also be the mistakes made; anything with Jackie Chan in has AMAZING outtakes.

      Thanks, Echoes of Winter's cover is AMAZING!