Friday, August 10, 2012

Mage's Bane by Chacelyn Pierce

I've never read about Mage's before now and never realized the different levels of witches and demons. There's a lot to it and through Ari's eyes we can see the inner dealings.

Ari is known as a rogue Akasha Mage. She's run off to do her own thing, be it getting kicked out of apartments, digging though dumpsters, dating Faes, or calling her super hot Djinn, Riaz.

It's during one these Riaz summonings that she finds out she's got a demon on her tail. Someone wants her dead. This means spending more time with the hot Djinn as she needs him to keep her safe...right? (Hey, we'll take whatever excuse we can.)

Secrets unfold...about Riaz and his past, about Ari's beginnings and family. It's action packed and full of sexual tension. Paranormal romance lovers won't want to miss this one.

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