Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Misadventures of Victoria Davenport: Operation Matchmaker by Erik Schubach

Sometimes we just need a short story. I'm not always in the mood for a full length novel that takes forever to get to the point. Sometimes I just want that quick smile or chuckle, and this book gave me just what I needed.

According to the Foreword, Victoria was introduced in Mr. Schubach's A Deafening Whisper, a book I haven't read yet. However, this stands alone. I can vouch for that. I wasn't lost or confused. I felt like I just slipped into the tale. Just enough was revealed about ADW that I knew what was going on, but when I finally sit down to read ADW, it won't be ruined for me.

The most endearing thing about this tale is the heroine's narrative. She's cute, funny, and just...well, real.

In a nutshell: she's at Oxford for school. The school officials think she's weird--truth is, she's a bit hyper and has, like, a photographic memory. Moral here: don't just assume by someone's appearance or attitude that they're dumb.

Anyway, they don't want her mingling with the rest of the school, so she's placed off campus and gets herself a roommate--a lonely roommate. So Victoria is going to hook her up with her heart's desire!

It's just plain cute. I liked it. It's what a short should be.

My favorite part:

(The Dean) "So, Miss...ummm...I mean Vicky. I see you were triple majoring in the States. Business, Arts and Humanities, and Computer Science?"

(Victoria) I nodded. "Yup."

He stared at me like he wanted me to say more. Umm. What more can I say? Those were my majors. I didn't have any lieutenants and I'm wearing my privates.


  1. I always blush when you review one of my stories. I loved writing this one, it is pure unadulterated fun! It was a blast to just disconnect my brain and "Vicky-out" and let the story spill out.

  2. Great review! I downloaded this but haven't started reading it yet. :-)