Thursday, August 8, 2013

Strong is Sexy Heroine of the Week: Claire Simons

Book: Forget Me Not
Author: Nina Blake
Heroine: Claire Simons

What makes my heroine strong? It’s the C word – compassion. In Forget Me Not, the heroine Claire Simons has the strength to show compassion for Stefan, the man who loved her and left her. She puts herself in his shoes and imagines what life is now like for the man who has lost his memory. Claire has to help Stefan. There's only one option for someone who is as caring and compassionate as she is.

What makes Claire sexy? Another C word – confidence. If she didn’t have strength and confidence, she couldn’t be selfless enough to help her ex through his hardest days. And nothing is sexier than confidence.

Forget Me Not

For fans of the sweet, emotional reads of Susan Wiggs and Kat Martin, an unconventional reunion story that about love, hope, and forgiveness.

Claire and Stefan’s marriage was over. They’d been estranged for six months, living in separate apartments, leading separate lives. Until an unknown accident leaves Stefan with no memory of who he is, what he wants, and the wife he left behind.

Claire’s compassion leads her to caring for Stefan. Though he is back to being the thoughtful, affectionate man she fell in love with, she can’t let herself get too involved. The instant Stefan’s memory comes back, he’ll remember who he was and what he really wants – and it’s not Claire.

Or is it?

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  1. Nina,compassion isn't often the first thing we think of in connection with strength. It's fairly common to feel compassion for someone going through difficult life experiences but as you've pointed out, it takes a strong character to act on that, put personal self aside and do what has to be done. And yes, confident will always equal sexy. I've read your book and what shone through for me was the compassionate way you as a writer handled your characters and their situation.