Friday, August 30, 2013

My New Postcard

Last year, on election day, matter of fact, I shared with you my collection of Votes for Women Postcards. Click here if you missed them. 

Today I am tickled pink to share my new one with you!

I think it may be rare, as I've never seen it before in all my searching. 

On the back, it is postmarked Chicago, March 12, 1914. It has a message that's rather hard to read...

"Mag you can see ******* girls like this your next birthdayafter they get the voting and get on the Police Force and they can have one for Pity Man of ******"

The asterisks mark words I could not make out.

What I find even more interesting, however, is that apparently 1914 Chicago was still small enough that they didn't have to bother with addresses. It's merely a name. Mrs. Maggie Littell Hudson, Ills.

And it's postmarked and apparently found its way to her!