Thursday, August 22, 2013

Strong is Sexy Heroine of the Week: Cate Boyd

Book: Hearts on Hold
Author: Gracie MacGregor
Heroine: Cate Boyd

Cate Boyd is stronger than she knows and way sexier than she believes. She's been on her own so long, hiding from the horror and scandal of her husband's disappearance, that avoiding all but the briefest of human contacts has become second nature to her... and a new relationship? Out of the question!

But her island sanctuary was never going to be a haven forever, and Cate is forced to make some tough choices: protect her privacy and anonymity, or save the village that has given her life new purpose? Cling to the dream of her husband returning to her, or grasp the chance for a love that could last a lifetime?


Emotional, suspenseful and set in paradise,

Hearts on Hold is a novel for fans of Nora Roberts and Jayne Ann Krentz.

The strongest sunshine casts the darkest shadows...

Cate Boyd is searching for a place where nobody knows her name. The sleepy Maltese village of Xlendi offers privacy, anonymity, and the serene life she craves, far from her former world. But her peace is shattered when monolithic development company Vena announces its plans to level her village, and threatens to expose Cate’s secrets if she stands in its way.

The arrival of seductive, nosy professor Brandon Blackshaw seems too coincidental for comfort — especially when she discovers that Vena is his research partner. As the pressure mounts, Cate must decide which is more important: her hard-won privacy, or the future of her beloved Xlendi.

•Gracie Macgregor is a Brisbane-based author. Hearts on Hold is her debut novel

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