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Morgan Summerfield Talks about the Oppression Among Us

Women have endured centuries of oppression and vilification. Some religions place blame on us as the original sinners who made the world a harsh and cruel place. Some cultures argue that women are inferior. Other cultures impose a strict code of purity for women, which when broken—often by those setting the rules—result in the woman’s abuse or death. Still others mutilate young women in an effort to ensure they have no desire. And, worldwide the criminal element relegates women to nothing more than chattel.

I believe in equality—not that women and men are the same because they are not, but because we are all beings filled with potential. I believe we all, regardless of gender, have the right to be whole and experience life to its fullest. One of the biggest issues that women must deal with is the inherent prejudices that come from everything in the first paragraph and all the limitations outright and hidden that evolve out of them.
Are we still paying for some affront a woman caused a man thousands of years ago? Was his ego so bruised that he sought an eternity of revenge? If so, he must have been a human for no omnipotent being could be so shallow.

So why am I standing on my soap box? I want to believe that there could be a world where everyone is equal in their right to pursue life while still being different from each other. I want a world where a woman can be accepted as a formidable warrior and leader for good without giving up her core self. My desire for this different world evolved into the Colony Series, which begins with the book Among Us. The series is identified as Female Epic Fantasy. Fantasy as in imagination, epic as in a long story filled with exciting adventures, and female as in there is a heroine rather than a hero—and it was written by a woman.

Among Us Overview: Elaine’s past is filled with unspeakable events that have twisted and skewed her perspectives. Addictive tendencies, a quick temper, an overachiever’s intensity, and a fragile core despite her outward tenacity have placed her in a precarious position in life and love. Her spouse has turned abusive, and this is dredging up emotions from her childhood—which was far more than unpleasant.

A strange new relationship that appears all business on the surface is fraught with deception and risk, but she cannot see it. Her unusual behavior is setting off alarms in those who know her and care for her, and there is worry over the possibility she is falling into an old destructive pattern. The reader will be constantly questioning where reality crosses into imagination and just who is shifting that boundary.

This is not ‘swords and sorcerers’ or backward in time. It is right now, a world within our world, unseen, vibrant, and growing. Among Us is available now. This first offering is a stage setter for everything that comes later. It is dark and twisted, and at the end you will be eager to pursue answers to your questions that can only be found within the pages of the remaining books. We have set an aggressive time table to ensure all four books in the series are released within a year.

Who is Morgan Summerfield? I am a woman who has discovered her calling and her personal power, though it took years to achieve. My first novel, Blood and Magnolias, was an exploration of pushing limits, and it has paid off with a five star rating. My beginnings were dark as are those of my characters, but I, just as they, have overcome. I accept myself and others for exactly who we are—flawed humans struggling to find our way through life. We all have a path; we just need to open our eyes, and our minds to find it. One of my personal goals for whatever time I have left on this planet is to set other women free to be by whatever means I can, including my writing.

One reviewer of Blood and Magnolias said, “…I felt like I lived the adventure…” I could receive no greater compliment. Please join me inside Colony and open to a world of incredible possibilities. If fantasy isn’t your cup of read, maybe you will find satisfaction with Blood and Magnolias.

Last words: Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to introduce myself and my work. As a reader, as well as a writer, I understand how difficult it can be to find something worth reading with over 500 books coming onto the market every day and all the slick promotions that bombard the media. That is why I do my best to ensure my readers have an experience to remember. I want my readers to see my name on the cover and know it is something worth their investment of time and money. As an author, I am here to stay. The Colony Series already has ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’ waiting to join it on the bookshelf. I would leave you with these words of encouragement, “Every day you have the choice to change yourself and your world. When you wake up tomorrow do something you’ve never done before, even if it is something small. Life is short. Embrace it with passion.”

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  1. Embrace it with passion! I love that and I love this post! I have always found this author to be inspiring and encouraging. I wish you well with your release, and also thanks to Tara Chevrestt for this wonderful host.