Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A Bandit's Betrayed Heart (Blood Blade Sisters #3) by Michelle McLean

A Bandit's Betrayed HeartI loved book one of this series and liked book two, but this one somewhat annoyed me.

The third Blood Blade sister is chasing after their former butler, whom she's been pining for for seven years. It's like this chick can't take a hint. He left you and never came back. He persistently pushes you away. I think it's time to move on, girl.

Despite all her bravado and heroic acts in the past as a vigilante/bandit, I found her to be weak, whiney, and well, bratty. When the object of her affections pushes her away--and trust me, she throws herself at him constantly--she begins dallying with a dangerous politician to make him jealous. Seriously? What are you? Fifteen?

On top of that, there were lots of unexplained things that bugged me as I kept reading. 1. How is Finn covering the tribal tattoos on his face? They didn't have laser surgery back then. Is he wearing makeup? *It's later revealed he is, but considering the makeup options they had back then...* This takes place just after the Civil War. They didn't have the makeups we have now. 2. If he can cover them so easily, why did he not cover them back when he needed legal employment? Or when he worked on a ship and had to avoid certain people because of them? If he can cover them now, he could have covered them then, and thus, avoided a life of crime. It just doesn't make sense. 

I also have to add that the romance between these two was underdeveloped, perhaps because it happened in the past. We just know they love each other. We don't know why, what connected them in the first place, etc.

Though I disliked the first 35% of this, I finally began to like Lucy as the book continued--but I still think she's a stalker. I mean, she does stay here and harasses poor Finn. That is stalking. Anyway, she connects with Lilah, a former slave (Lilah needs her own book!) and starts a school for those less fortunate. Naturally, the Southerners aren't pleased with this and Lucy has to take on the Klan.

Lucy pulled out a shotgun and then reached up again for the ammunition. "I'm not letting anyone terrorize me on my own property. Let alone a bunch of cowards running around in their night sheets."

As the tale continues, with Lucy running after Finn, defending her school, and getting in the mess of all messes, she grows tougher and it all gets a bit more fun (especially when she fights bad men off despite the fact she's tied to a chair) and less irritating, but I stand by my previous complaints. I also hate how willing Lucy is to throw Lilah under the bus, 'cause that's what it is...

Conclusion: fun and entertaining, but not my favorite sister or tale. There's really no banditry.

I received this via Netgalley.

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