Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Under the Hood by Sally Clements

Under the HoodI was in the mood for something a little light and the idea of an all-girls operating garage appeals to me so I gave this one a go. It's quick, light to the point you most likely will never think of it again, and just entertainment.

Though I still love the garage. I wish there was one in real life. The garage is the coolest aspect of this story. Three women start a garage for women clientele. With a garage such as this, ladies can take their cars in without fear of being patronized, having male mechanics roll their eyes in frustration, or being ripped off. Under the Hood even offers car repair classes for ladies.

Very, very cool.

I wish most of the story focused on that, but it's a romance and I knew that going in, but the conflict of this is just so weak. So he doesn't reveal that he knows more about cars than you think he does. And so what that he's a lawyer of a crappy woman. I felt this heroine was...over dramatic, getting upset over nothing, and that it was a poor conflict/plot. It certainly doesn't get one's heart racing or even add much of an edge of suspense to a story you already know is going to end in HEA. We know how most all romances end, but give us a wild ride there!

Lots of heated awareness of each others' bodies, insta-lust, yadda yadda. Predictable, basically. The writing is ok. He said this. She did that. Pretty simple. But for anyone not looking for deep enlightenment, for merely a way to pass time as you sit in the doctor's office, there's nothing wrong with it. I think were the conflict made a bit more intense and the story expanded into a novel with a lot more about the garage and the troubles the women face running an all-girls' garage, it would be better.

It is ok, but def didn't wow me. It didn't make me laugh, cry, chuckle, or think deeply about anything.

I received this via Netgalley.

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