Thursday, January 9, 2014

Strong is Sexy Heroine of the Week: Cara Tanner

Book: Winter's Child
Author: S.L. Jesberger
Heroine: Cara Tanner

When I began to write “Winter’s Child” I knew I wanted a heroine who was going to be very different from Aislin, the protagonist in my first book. Even though they are half-sisters, Cara Tanner has been raised with the love of both parents. She’s been given the best of everything, whereas Aislin has been kicked around a bit.

Still, I wanted Cara to be spunky and strong, with a healthy sense of propriety. She is devastated when she discovers that her beloved farm Sweetwood and its people have been deeded over to Rafe Samuelson, a mercenary owed a favor by Boru, King of Morrigan. She resists the change at first then realizes that Sweetwood’s new owner has no clue how to manage the farm. She knows that she has to walk a fine line, positioning herself between the belligerent Rafe and the well-being of her workers to keep the farm running smoothly.

Though he scares her to death, Cara manages to put Rafe in his place several times with common sense and a sharp tongue. Still, she is acutely aware of her precarious situation and its limitations. This, I feel, is her real forté. She acquiesces when she realizes she can’t win and takes him on fearlessly when she knows she can.

She reflects on her strengths later in the story. She muses over the fact that she could have fought him, could have run away, and it would have just made things worse. She recognizes that putting her feelings aside and working with him for the good of the farm and its people was perhaps the bravest thing she could have done.
Winter's ChildBlurb:
When her lands and her people are given to mercenary Rafael Samuelson for “services rendered” to Boru, the King of Morrigan, Cara Tanner has two choices: she can resist him, or she can find a way to work with him.

But Rafe Samuelson is a warrior, not a farmer. Already resenting being forced to take ownership of lands he doesn’t want, he arrives at Sweetwood angry and spoiling for a fight.

Cara and Rafe quickly collide in an uncompromising battle of wills. It doesn't take long for Rafe to realize that he's met his match in the fiery, amber-eyed Cara.

Their audience with King Boru reveals a shocking secret and rekindles long-held vendettas, but it’s Cara’s resemblance to another woman that will soon put them both in the greatest danger.

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