Friday, January 31, 2014

Dead in Boca (Dirty Harriet #3) by Miriam Auerbach

Dead in Boca (Dirty Harriet, #3)
Most of the time, especially with mysteries, series become dull and predictable after a while. Book three of the Dirty Harriet series does not follow this path. It wasn’t in the least dull—full of humor, wisecracks, and guessing games as we try to figure out whodunit. The story manages to avoid dulldome without even having anyone attempt to kill Harriet. So many things kept me chuckling. If this author ever decides writing isn’t for her—and I sincerely hope that never happens!—she could have a career in comedy.

Dirty Harry was a loner, and so am I. I like it that way. It keeps me out of trouble, like marrying someone I might have to shoot sometime down the road.

And how about the little story about the old lady and the “kondoms” who forked over her life savings to purchase a truckload of things I won’t mention here but cracked me up big time…intending to sell them over the phone to “aging horndogs” before discovering…

“…the market for these particular products in South Florida’s retirement communities was already deeply penetrated.”


But I digress. As I said above, the story is not predictable either. I like tiny clues here and there as I read. I like to sorta guess whodunit and then be wrong! This one offered some clues that didn’t really “smack me in the face”. Even when I began to get a “feeling” I didn’t want it to be true and thought, “naww..”

This has a surprising ending.

We meet a very cool engineer too, a woman of course. I hope we see more of her.

And as usual, there’s the usual cast of eclectic characters with things heating up between Lior and Harriet. I got a feeling Harriet is not going to hold on to her heart much longer. And you can’t have Florida without hurricanes, hogs (the bike), gators, and Boca Babes. Something else I liked about this installment in the series is that it shows us more of Harriet’s inner feelings and thoughts and fears. It never gets mushy or loses its quick pace though.

I’m still loving this series and cannot wait for book four. Strong heroine, great humor, and just overall a perfect read. I finished in no time, not because it's too short--it's not--but because I could not put it down.

I got this via Netgalley.

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