Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Julius Romeros Extravaganza #3--Charming Book With A Middle Grade Vibe

I absolutely loved the original approach of The Julius Romeros Extravaganza #1 by Hayley Lawson- Smith.   It introduces the protagonist Abigail, a bearded girl who is sold to a circus by a disapproving servant in 19th century Australia.   I reviewed this book at my former blog The Unmasked Persona here. The second book was  different in tone.  It was a very dark story about the abuse of circus freaks.  My review of that book was the last one I wrote for The Unmasked Persona. You can find that review here.  Like the earlier books in this series,  I received this book from Hayley Lawson- Smith in return for an honest review.


Each volume in this series has had a different tone.  This one seemed to be too gentle to be considered satire like the first book. I thought that it was an adventure novel with occasional charmingly absurd events of the sort that I  have seen in books intended for middle grade children.  Yet I'm an adult and I admit that I was entertained.  Maybe this book is for people of all ages who enjoy reading about unlikely dreams coming true.

In this book Abigail and other members of the Extravaganza troupe, find their happily ever afters.  Readers may find this heartwarming.  Others, like me, may be somewhat disappointed that the adventure is over and the trilogy is complete.

 Yet maybe at some point in the future Abigail may have restless feet and want to resume her wandering.  It's also possible that some of her circus companions may want to join her, or that she may find new ones.   When you consider how strangely things sorted themselves out in the end, I would have to say that anything might happen.  You just never know.



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