Friday, October 23, 2015

A Huge Change to Book Babe

Many of you have probably noticed that Book Babe's had a major change of late. The posts went from everyday to one a week. Book Babe nearly stopped reading.

I feel it's past time I told everyone why.

First, I got a divorce. No, don't say you're sorry, because I'm not. My ex-husband and I shall remain cordial friends forever, but I think divorce was the best choice for us. You either have what it takes or you don't. You're either compatible or you're not.

But with divorce comes stress, division of assets, dogs, houses, furniture, and someone moves, and in this case it was me. So I got a divorce, moved, lost a dog to his care. At the same time, I had to put little Jazzy down. Her heart murmur became bronchial and tracheal collapse and she was struggling just to breathe, to live everyday. This experience broke my heart.

I lost and gained a job.

I met a wonderful man and began what I hope will be a long relationship.

That was just my summer.

As fall begins, I am about to possibly say goodbye to Pudgy, who has come down with a mysterious growth (they think tumor) on her urethra. She can no longer pee on her own. She is absolutely miserable with a catheter. All options the vet gave us gave her only 6 months to a year to live, no matter how we treat it.

And while visiting her the other night, I was robbed. The perp took not only my wallet and ids and mace and ipod and all kinds of things (including tampons. I hope he one day accidentally sits on one the wrong way, if you get my drift.) and my Kindle that contains about 200 Netgalley titles or titles authors and publishers sent me. That's 200 titles I can't put on another Kindle due to the anti-sharing crap on the files. I can't redownload them. I can't review them now either, meaning 200 authors are going to be disappointed.

As I sat here realizing much work it would be to get all those books back, I realized I just can't do it. I can't tackle this latest issue too.

So I apologize, but I cannot keep blogging and reviewing books anymore.

Many of you have come to enjoy Book Babe though and all the things it offers. Also many reviews posted previously get enjoyment to this day. I will not archive anything. I will not shut the blog down. Instead I'm happily handing it over to Shomeret. You may still hear from me from time to time, a random book review. But if you're an author expecting a review because I got your title on Netgalley, it's most likely not going to happen now. I am sorry.

Thank you, all, for sharing books and movies and women power with me over the years. It's been a fun ride.

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