Saturday, October 24, 2015

Shomeret's Not Changing Much on Book Babe

I began posting on Book Babe because my friend Tara needed help with coverage and I loved Book Babe.  I still love Book Babe and I want to preserve it.  I have a personal blog called Shomeret: Masked Reviewer.  It reflects my tastes and personality.  I don't want Book Babe to be a clone of my blog.   I want it to continue to be a blog that focuses on fiction with strong woman protagonists.  That's the hallmark of Book Babe.  I will review non-fiction and fiction focusing on male protagonists on Shomeret: Masked Reviewer.

Another continuing theme of Book Babe is Strong is Sexy.  Like Tara, I'm sex positive and I genuinely believe that a strong woman is also sexy.   Are you still with me, readers?  I hope you are.  

One thing that I do want to change is the inclusion of ratings.  I admit that I'm not a big fan of ratings.  I've always thought that the content of a review reflects the opinion of the reviewer more completely and more accurately than a rating.  So I will no longer rate books on Book Babe.

I support Tara in her choices about her life.   She is a gutsy feminist whose determination to be who she is has impressed me.  She will always be welcome to post on Book Babe.  I wish her well.

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