Sunday, March 27, 2011

Books: Treats For Humans

Look what I made this weekend! I have been wanting a pug bookmark for some time.. well I searched everywhere and I found a cute puppy bookmark on I asked the designer if they could turn the puppy into a pug and she did! Kitty City Creations provided me a pattern for download and I made a few changes I had Pudgy Pug right in front of me and I literally held bits of floss up to her fur and did some color adjusting. I also changed the text. The pattern said "Is it getting good?" That's cute, but Pudgy wanted it to say something about treats... her favorite thing in the world.

And what does Pudgy say about it? She says that now that I've completed my weekend project on the fake pug, I need to pay attention to the real pug. She has also demanded approximately five treats extra in the course of the day to pay her for all the time she spent modeling and posing for me.

What a demanding doggy!!

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